BEARD, Mustache & Hairy Legs Contest

Friday, July 14, 2023 @ 1:15pm

These contests are judged by the audience and do not require preregistration, so just show up on Friday July 14 at 1:15pm at the main stage (contest starts at 1:30pm). 

However, feel free to send us a quick email to so that we have an idea of how many potential contestants we have.

All community members are encouraged to participate! 



1. The Outlaw ‘Stache:

This category celebrates the best mustache in the Old West. Judges will be looking for the bushiest, the most stylish, and well-groomed mustache that captures the spirit of the rugged and lawless frontier.

2. The Grizzled Beard:

This category showcases the most impressive and untamed beard in the Old West. Contestants will be judged on the length, fullness and overall wildness of their facial hair, embodying the iconic look of a rugged cowboy or gunslinger.

3. The Leg Hair Rodeo:

In this category, contestants display their natural leg hair, paying homage to the rugged lifestyle of the cowboys and frontiersmen. Judges will consider the length, thickness and overall untamed appearance of the leg hair, symbolizing the rough and untamed spirit of the Wild West.

4. The Maverick’s Whiskers:

This category combines the mustache and beard to showcase the best overall facial hair in the Old West. Contestants will be evaluated on the combination, cohesiveness, and uniqueness of their facial hair style, with an emphasis on capturing the independent and adventurous nature of the Old West. 

5. The Sheriff’s Choice:

This special category is chosen by a designated judge, who will select a competitor who best embodies the spirit of the Old West with their mustache, beard, or leg hair. The winner will exemplify the essence of a rugged cowboy, lawman, or outlaw, as determined by the judge’s discerning eye.

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