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Support our Festival

Bohemia Mining Days is open to the public, and does not charge admission, so that the entire community can enjoy!

However, we rely on our sponsors, and people like you, to keep us going each year. 

Please consider sponsoring our festival! Click on the sponsorship buttons to learn more.

For those free-thinking individuals who don’t want to be tied to a pre-determined amount, become a “Rabble Rouser” and donate any amount you would like to provide to keep our tradition alive.  You rebel.

Sponsorships accepted!

  • Gold Nugget – $25
  • Gold Miner – $50
  • Bohemia Buddy – $100
  • Grubstake – $200
  • Gold Panner – $500
  • Sourdough – $1,000
  • Bonanza – $2,500
  • Motherload – $5,000
  • Rabble Rouser – Any Amount
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