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As Bohemia Mining Days does not charge admission, we rely on our sponsors and people like you to keep us going each year.  Now we’ve made it easier than ever to donate.  Just click on the button for the amount you would like to donate.

For those free-thinking individuals who don’t want to be tied to a pre-determined amount, select the “Rabble Rouser” button and choose the amount you would like to provide to keep our tradition alive.  You rebel.

Payments processed by Square to keep you safe.

You can also click on the ‘MAKE DONATION HERE’ button at the bottom.

Even more ways to help us continue this wonderful festival

Please support BMD and purchase items from the Bohemia City Mercantile in the Information Booth at 7th & Main.

2021 BMD Buttons - This will be Buck and Elizabeth's last year here.

$1.00 each

Get your very own schedule of Events.

$10.00 each

BMD Face Mask - never to late for some little protection. And they are so cute!

$2.00 each

We still have some authentic GOLD coins from our 2009 50 year Celebration.

$25.00 each

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