Bloomers Parade

Sponsored by Pacific Yurts
Thursday, July 13th, at 6:00pm
Back in 2007, we wanted to open Bohemia City on Thursday evening with greater fanfare and a bit of a historical flair. That year the Bloomers Parade became the newest Bohemia Mining Days tradition tailored for ladies wearing bloomers who wanted to celebrate the invention of pants for women and to honor the women who fought mightily to have the right to vote. Bring your bloomers and sashay with us throughout Bohemia City on Thursday evening.  

Sponsor: Pacific Yurts

  • Staging Area:  Gather at the tennis courts inside Bohemia City (Coiner Park).
  • Registration/Line-Up: Thursday 5:30pm 
  • Route: Festival Marshal Hester will lead the way throughout Bohemia City
  • Fee: FREE!

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