Feud Brews

We are grateful to Cottage Grove’s two brew pubs: the Brewstation & the Covered Bridge Brewing Group for supporting BMD by introducing and hosting this new annual fundraiser to help cover our event production costs.

Throughout the year the pubs will serve as the official City Hall and Saloon for their respective town.

City of Lemati is hosted by the Brewstation, 106 South Sixth Street.

City of Slabtown is hosted by the Covered Bridge Brewing Group on the corner of Main and Hwy 99. 

Town Halls/Saloons: The brew pubs host the duly elected officials of each virtual town to conduct conduct their “town business”, which is to build community pride (Duck vs. Beaver-style rivalry) with socials and to plan fun and creative fundraisers throughout the year to support our summer celebration on the third weekend of July. 

The townspeople earn points for themselves and for their town to determine the winner of the Feud at the end of BMD each year. Every dollar raised is one point and every volunteer hour equals three points. (Once our new interactive website is operational those points will be tracked online.)

Feud Brews: Beginning this year each pub has made a custom brew for their town to compete against each other. The two pubs will donate $1 to BMD for every pint sold and 50-cents for every soda sold. 

For the over-21 crowd… 

The Brewstation offers a Lemati Ale (sold out)

Covered Bridge Brewing Group offers a Slabtown Kolsch

For those that prefer a non-alcoholic beverage…

The Brewstation has a Helena Saloon craft Root Beer

Covered Bridge Brewing Group has a Helena Saloon craft Orange Creme Soda

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