The Feud

Slabtown Vs. Lemati

Two Teams Enter, Only One Will Win.

Forget the Ducks and the Beavers! Grovers have a fun new way to show their competitive spirit! Bring your sense of adventure, your family, your friends, and your co-workers and become 19th century pioneer settlers in one of these two virtual historic towns: Slabtown & Lemati (Lem-ah-Tie).
Becoming a Lematian or Slabtowner ensures the long-term success and enjoyment of Bohemia Mining Days, Cottage Grove’s 63-year-old much-loved summer tradition, for all the generations yet to come.
The citizens of Slabtown and Lameti will compete in activities to determine which team has the most community spirit and claim the coveted Feud Rock Trophy.  Lemati is a strong competitor with a larger geographic area and more citizens, but Slabtown has shown that its citizens have much in the way of community spirit and the support of many out-of-town visitors.

Let the Feudin’ begin…


Cottage Grove has a unique and colorful history…

Many white settlers began arriving here in the 1850’s. In 1887, the town of Cottage Grove was established on the west bank of the Willamette River’s Coast Fork.

In the rainy winter months, the early settlers on the West Bank placed large slabs of old growth timber on the roads so they could get around town without their wagons sinking down to its axles.

This resulted in the derogatory nickname of Slabtown for the west side settlement.

As more settlers arrived, the town expanded to the east side of the river where today’s historic district is.

Residents on both sides of the river began “feuding” over which side of the river would get the railroad depot, running water, and the post office.

Soon strong opinions created rancorous city council meetings until finally, in 1893 the “East-siders” seceded from Cottage Grove and created the town of Lemati, a Kalapuya word that means peaceful valley.

Happily, in 1899, the two towns reunited into the Cottage Grove we know today that spans both sides of the Willamette River.

Bohemia Mining Days brings this feud back in a fun, family-friendly way with two days of games and activities.  Cottage Grove citizens who live in the smaller, west side of the Coast Fork of the Willamette represent Slabtown, while those on the east portray Lematians, as the citizens of Lemati were called.  People visiting from out-of-town get their choice in which town they would like to play for, though Slabtown is suggested as this part of Cottage Grove covers a smaller geographic area and has a lower population.

Something New is Coming for 2021

The two “virtual” towns are located within the South Lane School District and are divided by the Coast Fork of the Willamette River.
So what town do I live in?
TOWN BOUNDARIES: The real-world geographic boundaries of the Slabtown vs. Lemati Virtual Feud will be the South Lane School District. This fun, community-building game is open to all who wish to play. Those who live outside the school district boundaries are welcome to settle in the town of their choice. Lematians live within Cottage Grove’s official city limits on the EAST side of the Coast Fork River. Slabtowners live inside the city limits on the WEST side of the river and in the rural communities of Latham, London, Saginaw, and in the Row River Valley. These boundaries are suggested but not mandated. Cottage Grove area residents are encouraged to invite friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers (both near and far) to settle in the virtual town they’ve chosen.
Town Boundaries Map
The historic Slabtown vs. Lemati Feud (1894-1899) split Cottage Grove into two separate towns for six years. In 2012, Bohemia Mining Days resurrected the feud in a fun, family friendly way. Slabtowners and Lematians competed in games during the festival to earn points and declare which town had bragging rights for a year.
In 2021, we’re expanding The Feud to a year-round competition into a community-based hybrid game that is played online and in person.  To learn more about this unique community-building game read the How To Play document by clicking here.


Past Activities – We are all looking forward to playing these and new Feud Games in Bohemia City in Coiner Park at BMD 2022

  • 20 Miles by Wheelbarrow

    A twist on the classic wheelbarrow race.  This time there is no finish line.  Teams of two (one person plays the miner, the other plays the wheelbarrow) go back and forth along the racetrack of “burning” grass while being continually taunted.  Last team standing, wins.

  • Candlestick Run

    Come play with fire.  In this game one person lights the candle while the other runs the candle to the end of the track and back.  But if the flame goes out, it’s back to the starting line for you.

  • Cherry Pit Spittin’ (Not finished)

    Two games in one.  Distance and accuracy.  Men, women, children categories.

  • Diggin’ in the Dark

    Two-person teams must navigate a “collapsed mine” to find a “gold nugget” hidden somewhere in its depths.

  • Fuse Winder

    An individual competition where participants wind 50 feet of fuse around a stick of “deadly, deadly, dynamite.”

  • Pie Eating Contest

    Enjoy eating pie?  Good!  You’ll love this game as you make a mess racing to devour an entire pie.  Wearing your Sunday best is not suggested.

  • Thread the Needle

    Teamwork and steady hands in this fun game where two-person teams compete to be the first the thread their needle.  Team members begin a distance apart with one holding the needle, the other carrying the thread.  When told to go, members run to each other and try to put the thread through the eye of the needle.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds as the needle-holder can’t touch or move the thread nor can the thread-holder make contact with the needle.

  • Two Town Tug-O-War

    Put your back into it for this classic game of Tug-O-War.  But this time you are competing for the glory of your beloved town (Slabtown or Lameti).  Bring your friends, bring your family, heck, bring a stranger, but don’t miss this hilarious game of strength and teamwork.

  • Election Day

    Cast your vote and enrich the coffers of your town.  Each dollar raised equals one point for your town.  The voting booth can be found at Bohemia City Hall.

  • Chuckwagon Breakfasts (Not Finished)

    Enjoy a nice breakfast and earn point for your town.  Just drop your meal ticket into your town’s bucket.  Who are the biggest eaters, Slabtown or Lameti?

  • Costume Contest

    Like to dress up?  Now’s your chance to show off those Pioneer- and Victorian-era costumes and earn points for your town.

  • Beard Contest

    Think you got some nice facial hair?  Come see how it holds up against the other contestants.  Categories for stateliest and longest beards.

  • Hairy Leg Contest

            Not shaved those legs all winter (and spring and summer)?  Bring those Sasquatch legs out and see if you have                    the longest leg hair in town.

  • Bohemia City

           For decades now, “Bohemia City” has appeared in Coiner Park for three days on the third weekend of July… but not this year because of the pandemic.

           Please join us on July 17-18, in our historic downtown district,
           for the inaugural Mine Ore Cart Races on Main Street. The event offers live music, vendors, two parades &                             activities for kids.

           We eagerly look forward to Bohemia City returning to Coiner Park in 2022.

We are all looking forward to playing these and new Feud Games in Bohemia City in Coiner Park at BMD 2022

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