Miner's Steak
& Beans Dinner

Miners working in the Bohemia Mining District were hearty eaters after a long day's work.  Good mining cooks were highly sought after to provide the fuel that kept the miners' strength up on their quest to find the (still to this day) elusive mother lode of The District.

The idea for the Miner's Dinner, now in its 16th year, was born from a conversation during a Bohemia Mining Days planning meeting in 2003.  Then Festival Coordinator Sharon Jean wanted to create a themed dinner for Thursday evening to raise money to help support the expenses of putting Bohemia Mining Days on each year and suggested a dinner similar to what the miners working the Bohemia Mining District would have eaten.  But what did miners eat?

A miner, who happened to be attending the meeting, quickly spoke up, "Cornbread and beans," he answered.

Surprised at the simplicity of the meal suggested, Sharon asked, "Surely if a deer or a pheasant or a wild turkey came near the camp, wouldn't they have killed it for a meal?"

"You betcha, Honey!" the miner responded.

And it was then that the popular Miner's Steak & Beans Dinner was born!

Proceeds from this dinner help support the Bohemia Mining Days Festival.


Thursday: 6:00 p.m.


  • The Chuckwagon in Coiner Park (next to basketball court).


  • Steak & Beans Dinner

    Sirloin steak grilled to order, homemade beans, cornbread muffin, baked potato, coffee, and lemonade

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