Create lasting memories with your children as they explore the Kid's Zone at Bohemia Mining Days.  A colorful space where imaginations run free and minds expand as they experience the wonders of the many activities made just for them.

Bohemia Mining Days considers children to be valuable participants that bring life to the festival.  The Kid's Zone is designed as a space for families to play with their children while letting them learn through exhibits, activities, and play.  The Kid's Zone is bordered by numerous tapestries dyed by the many adults and children who attend the Color Their World events prior to Bohemia Mining Days.  Not only do these tapestries provide a colorful backdrop that children love, they also serve as an art exhibit where visitors can vote, and even bid, on their favorite tapestry.

All ages are welcome and the Kid's Zone is open every day during the event.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Each year staff members select a new theme as inspiration for creating the many activities and decorations make up the Kid's Zone and this year's is "Living History Village".

In partnership with Singing Creek Educational Center, this year's Kid's Zone will feature pioneer-era games and activities, presentations, and crafts.  All done by costumed characters to bring the theme to life.