City Hall

BMD Information Booth

Got Questions?
We've got answers.

If you're looking for the BMD staff, they're probably hanging out at City Hall, if they're not out running around trying to give you the best event possible.  But don't worry, you can always find at least one staff member ready to answer your questions, help you find a vendor for that special something, or let you know of any last minute changes to the schedule.

This is also the place to find lost and found items and to cast your ballet in the famous Slabtown vs. Lameti Feud.

All are welcome to stop by for:

  • Vendor location info
  • Lost and found items
  • Security issues
  • Basic First Aid
  • Operational concerns
  • Schedule Changes
  • Feud Information
  • Feud Election Day “Voting” (Sat.)
  • Or… to just say, “Howdy!”

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