Color Their World

BMD brings Color to Cottage Grove

You may have noticed a lot of extra colour if you happened to be at Coiner Park on May 18th.  If so, you just witnessed one of the Color Their World events hosted by Bohemia Mining Days.

"Color Their World"

In anticipation of the return of the Kid Zone area at Bohemia Mining Days this year, we have once again partnered with the Oregon Institute for a Better Way in hosting the popular Color Their World community tie-dying events to create colorful tapestries that will become the border for the Kid Zone area.  The bursts of color provided by the 10' x 10' tapestries form a bright atmosphere children love.  Each tapestry is designed and dyed by local artists who volunteer their time to create these colourful works of art.  The tapestries will also serve as an art exhibit, as each hand-made tapestry is auctioned off during the festival to support future events.  The public is invited to come see the artists create the tapestries and are encouraged to bring their own light-coloured pillowcases and clothes to tie-dye too, with white items being the best.  Get hands-on instruction from masters of the craft or just watch as they turn a simple piece of fabric into a work of art.

Each Color Their World event will be held at the pavilion near the playground in Coiner Park.  The last one will be held on Saturday, June 8th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Bohemia City Players' Auditions

No prior acting experience required!  This historical play titled, “Opal: Unpolished Gem,” is written and directed by Jennifer Mandeville-Schulz.  Performances are staged at Coiner Park for three days during Bohemia Mining Days.  Joining the Bohemia City Players is an exciting way to learn about the famous Cottage Grove author, Opal Whiteley.

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