Where's the FREE Parking?

The hub of the Bohemia Mining Days Festival is Coiner Park, with the carnival set up in Bohemia Park (corner Main & South 10th Street). Responding to requests for providing close-in parking for people with handicapped placards we have restricted the west parking lot (next to the basketball court) to BMD Staff and Handicapped Permit Holders only.


This year we have the BMD Express Train to move people from the free parking lots in the Historic Downtown District to the other major venues in Coiner and Bohemia Parks. The train operates on Friday from 1:30 - 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday from Noon - 6 p.m.with stops at All America City Square, Coiner Park, Bohemia Park, Trinity Lutheran Church (Sixth St. & Quincy Ave) for Saturday's Chicken BBQ and on Adams Ave. and Sixth Street on Friday and Saturday for a closer walk to the Presbyterian Church Quilt Show and Ice Cream Social on Friday and is a short walk to the Dr. Snapp House via the Swinging Bridge for its open house on Saturday from Noon - 4 p.m..

Below is a list of parking locations that are available, some have limitations as noted.

Coiner Park

The park has three parking areas:

East lot, next to tennis courts

West lot, next to basketball court (for staff and disabled only)

South lot, next to the playground

Off-site Parking Lots (note limitations)

Safeway lot across from Coiner Park (West and South sides, away from store entrances)

Post Office Parking lot (after hours only)

Nearby Main Street businesses that are closed and are not posted for customers only.

City-owned vacant property behind Dari Mart store (includes RV parking)

Bohemia Park [10th & Main]

On-street parking as available along South 10th Street, Washington, Adams & Jefferson Avenues

Historic Downtown District

City-owned lot behind All-America City Square

City-owned lot on corner of Whiteaker Avenue & 8th Street

City-owned lot at 5th & Main Streets

On-Street Parking

As available in the neighborhood surrounding Coiner Park and along South 10th Street next to Bohemia Park.