Minor miners

2023: First Annual Minor Miner Races

Saturday, July 15, 2023

308 South 10th Street
in front of the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum

Competition for our minor miners

Open to kids aged 13-17.

Check in at the Ore Cart Race Track immediately after the Grand Miner’s Parade on Saturday.

PURPOSE: Our 1st annual Minor Miners Ore Cart Races is open to kids aged 13-17, so to make lots of happy family memories in between the adult ore cart races.

HOW IT WORKS: This is a team sport. Three kids will be assigned a group and will race the Junior Ore Carts one-way for 75-feet.

  • Assigned “Tommyknocker” grabs one 10-lb sandbag and puts it into the cart, jumps into the cart, and then the team races to the finish line (cart cannot start to move until Tommyknocker and sandbag are fully into cart)!
  • Two teams race against each other on Saturday in between the adult ore cart races and continue through an elimination process.
  • Number of entrants will determine the elimination process.

REGISTRATION & ENTRY FEES: FREE! Kids check-in immediately after the parade on Saturday at the Ore Cart Race Track

CASH PRIZES & AWARDS: (presented at 8:00pm Saturday on Main Stage inside Bohemia City)

  • First Place: $99 in freshly minted bills
  • Second Place: $75 in freshly minted bills
  • Third Place: $45 in freshly minted bills

CREW: A crew consists of three members

  • 2 pushers (Miners) and a “Tommyknocker”
  • All crew members must be 17-years or YOUNGER
  • Safety Equipment – Asphalt is hard and gravity is real: Please dress appropriately

ORE CART SPECIFICATIONS: “Junior” Ore Carts, built by Northwest Customs, will be supplied at the races

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