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2021 saw the birth of a new event at the Bohemia Mining Days, the first ever Ore Cart Races.  8 teams of miners and tommyknockers raced into the history books. Through a very competitive contest, three teams now grace the permanent trophies. Loosely inspired by the Outhouse races held in Virginia City, Nevada, the inaugural Ore Cart Race proved a big hit for both spectators and the participants.

Last year the race was moved to 308 S 10th Street and ground zero for all things Ore Carts were the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum (BGMM).  We’re thrilled to partner with the BGMM once again!

The museum will be open and you can see real ore carts and other mining artifacts while learning of the colorful history of the Bohemia Mining District which we honor each year at BMD!  The Bohemia Mine Owner Association will have some of their equipment set up and running to get you into the spirit of race.  Ore carts will check in at the BGMM and have a pit area for crews to assemble and rest.


  • This is a team sport. It requires three active members and two alternates. All participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • All Ore Cart races will take place on Saturday, July,16th, first heat at high noon!
  • The team builds a human powered reusable mine ore cart that meets the required minimum standards (see Ore Cart Specifications below) and passes a pre-race safety inspection,
  • Two “Miners” push and control the cart, a “Tommyknocker” rides in the cart and may not provide any assistance in moving the cart.
  • At the start signal the Miners push the cart to the end of the track, there the Tommyknocker jumps out, loads the three sandbags into the cart and must be back inside the cart before the miners can start to push it back to the Start/Finish line.
  • Two teams compete in each heat. The first leading edge of a cart to cross the Start/Finish line is determined winner of the heat. No extensions, flags etc will be considered, it’s the cart that counts.
  • The number of entrants will determine whether the race is run on a single or double elimination bracket.
  • Cash prizes and spots on the permanent trophies will go to the first, second, and third place winners.


  • Early Bird – Entry form is received by June 30. Early bird teams get choice byes and a swag bag!
  • From July 1st teams up until Friday July 14, teams may still register, but the race can only accept up to 24 teams, so don’t miss out by waiting till the last minute.
  • Entry fee is a shiny nickel! (Emphasis on SHINY!)
  • Download entry form HERE 

Need some inspiration on naming your Ore Cart? Click on the below link for some Naming ideas.


  • The Ore Cart races will be run until a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners emerge, as determined by the judges.
  • The following cash prizes will be awarded in Sacagawea golden dollar coin:  1st place $99,  2nd place $75,  3rd place $51.
  • Winning team photos will be placed on the permanent trophies displayed at the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Ore Cart teams for each year are recorded as well on the permanent Winners plaque housed there also.
  • The winning teams will be presented their cash prizes and recognized on the Bohemia City Main Stage, on Saturday at 8pm.


  • The running crew consists of three members: 2 pushers – Miners and 1 rider – Tommyknocker, Two alternates are to be standing by in case one or more team members fail to materialize or can’t continue the race.
  • No dogs or non-human riders in the carts.
  • All crew members must be 18 years or older. (liability and lawyers – dagnabbit!)
  • Safety equipment is suggested and encouraged but not required. Reminder to participants:  “Asphalt is hard and rough, gravity is real, please dress appropriately!”


  • Minimum Weight: 150 lbs
  • Minimum Height: 44 inches (from ground to top of the cart)
  • Minimum Box Size: 30 inches x 48 inches
  • Ore Carts may be constructed using any material
  • Cart may have any number or configuration of wheels and axles, but wheels/axles must extend out past the cart box for safety and stability. Swivel wheels are NOT permitted!
  • Must be human powered (no motors) and only the two Miners/pushers can move the cart.
  • Steering and brakes are optional
  • The Cart must have a light source so it could go down a shaft.
  • The Team/Cart must have a catchy name emblazoned prominently on it. It is suggested to use historic local mine names if you don’t already have your own theme (see link below for a list of Bohemia Mining District names)
  • Carts may have a logo, company or team member names, sponsorship, and decorations to personalize them. These are all desirable but optional.

Need some inspiration for naming your Ore Cart? Click on the below link for some ideas.


  • Team check-in starts on Friday at 1:00pm at Ore Cart Central – Bohemia Gold Mining Museum. Weigh-ins, safety inspections, roster turn in, and putting your Ore Cart in the Show & Shine area for the public to come by and check out your carts. Your carts will be watched overnight in a secure area at the Museum. Teams may also practice on the track (time TBD).

  • Saturday:  After the Grand Miners Parade has passed through the area, it will be reset and made ready for the first heat.  Teams should be in place by 11:00am so that we can be ready to roll at noon.  Heats and will be run until there are clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. Prizes and winners will be recognized at the 8pm Awards Ceremony – Main Stage


Friday, July 14

1:00pm until 7pm – Check-in at Ore Cart Central Bohemia Gold Mining Museum (BGMM), 308 S 10th Street

TBD track open for practice

Saturday, July 15

11:00am – Teams report for pre-race check in, BGMM.

12:00pm – First Heat
Race runs till teams have competed and we have 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places determined

8:00pm – Presentation of prizes and plaque recognition – Main Stage Bohemia City/Coiner Park

The BMD Feud Ore Cart Race Trophies


  1. All ore carts and crew must be ready to check in starting at 11am on Saturday. Weigh-in, safety check, and roster turn-in, should be done on Friday if possible, if not come in before 11:00am be advised It will be hectic to do this Saturday morning.
  2. Ore Cart racing teams will consist of one rider and 2 pushers.
  3. Ore Carts must be pushed or pulled by human power only.
  4. Ore Carts must be kept in designated areas when not racing.
  5. At the starting line, no portion of the ore cart may extend over the line. It will be the judges’ determination as to a restart.
  6. Ore Cart teams must always maintain control of their cart during the race. The two pushers must be in contact with their cart as it crosses the finish line (no shoving it across).
  7. Ore Carts must always remain in their designated lane during the entire race. If an ore cart crosses into a competitor’s lane, AND, in the opinion of the judges, interferes with that cart’s ability to race, the offending cart will be disqualified for that heat.
  8. When the Ore Cart reaches the tote line, the Tommyknocker is allowed to exit the cart and load the 3 sand bags which are 6 feet apart. The pushers may not touch the bags or assist in their loading. Once bags are loaded and the Tommyknocker is back in the cart the pushers may head for the finish line.
  9. The first Ore Cart’s leading edge to reach the finish line will be declared winner of that heat.
  10. In case of a tie or photo finish, the race will be re-run as determined by the judges.
  11. All members of the team must sign a liability waiver form to be able to compete in the Ore Cart Races.
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