Special Attractions

"Garden of People" A Portrait of Cottage Grove

Local artist Uyen-thi (T) Nguyen is exhibiting her “garden” show, a series of oil paintings of local Cottage Grovers, in downtown business windowfronts. Her project began last year with the award of Lane Arts Council’s individual artist grants, and will be shared with the public for the first time this July.

All along Main St from Buster’s to Opal Center, there will be about forty oil portraits and a few landscapes, intermingled with intimate, anonymous quotes from conversations with the subjects. The project is designed to be experiential, allowing viewers to formulate their own views of society through words and experiences of the subjects, and through expression of the art. 

“In Cottage Grove, or in any city, we live together, yet we are individual. There is a bit of everyone in each of us, and at the same time, there is no one like us in all the world. Perhaps in looking at this “portrait” of a city, of folks living together, people from different socioeconomic classes, different beliefs, and viewpoints, we can discover some beautiful secrets about society and humanity, and maybe even, ourselves.”

This exhibit hopes to inspire and celebrate, the faces and hearts of Cottage Grove. For more information and to watch her video, visit utnpaintings.com.

Kid Zone

Kid Zone features a variety of games and the infamous Helena Saloon (“Under-21 Only“) offering root beer shots, snacks and crafts.

Make sure to come by and TRY to dunk someone in our Dunk Tank!

It could be YOU!!…..

Historic Films at Opal Center for Arts & Education – 513 E. Main Street

The Bohemia Gold Mines

(aired on OPB) Local Videographer Dan Hill of Crystal Rose Productions created this interesting film of how gold was discovered in the Bohemia Mining District, who the major players were, and how the discovery affected Cottage Grove.

The Morelock Films: A Snapshot in Time

Local movie theater owner Crip Morelock’s newsreels provide a window into Cottage Grove in the 1930s and 1940s. The films depict what the town looked like at that time and what Grovers did.                                        

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