WANTED: Real world modern day settlers to “move” into the two virtual historic towns of Slabtown and Lemati and help Bohemia Mining Days create a points-earning game that brings the Cottage Grove community closer after the global pandemic and creates greater financial stability for Bohemia Mining Days. 

Do you have a pioneering gene to create something from scratch? If you want to learn more about creating a hybrid (online & real-world) community-based game please read the “How to Play The Game” document (insert link to the doc). 

After reading it and you are interested in being involved in starting a friendly Duck vs. Beaver kinda rivalry that brings people together year-round to do good things, please stop by the Information Booth during the Celebration this weekend to learn more.

BMD Vice President Cindy Weeldreyer is currently serving as Slabtown’s “Interim Mayor”and Cottage Grove Mayor Jeff Gowing serves as her counterpart in Lemati. (Both are eager to welcome their successors.) 

Cindy will be available in the BMD Information Booth in Opal’s Park (7th and Main) to answer your questions, get your ideas, and to register new settlers to vote in the town of their choosing. 

Like the real Old West towns, leaders must be elected to manage the needs of its residents. Each town needs a mayor and four city councilors to conduct the “town’s business”. 

These duly-elected town officials conduct the town business of setting up “meet and greet socials” at their respective brew pub for newcomers to meet their neighbors. They will also discuss and plan BMD fundraisers throughout the year. 

Fundraising Examples: 

BMD Benefit Golf Tournament at Slabtown’s Hidden Valley Golf Course and at Lemati’s Middlefield Golf Course. Feud Game points are awarded for volunteer hours and for the number of dollars raised. 

Other Potential Feud Competitions: Cornhole, Karaoke, Darts and Poker Tournaments 

So stop by the Information Booth this weekend and “Join The Feud”!

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